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Re: [tor-talk] sadly have to shut down my tor relay after less then 24 hours

Made the same experience this week within 24 hours as well on Bit Torrent
Changed my Exit-policy - never had that before...

Go on...

All the best 


Am 21.08.2016 um 00:49 schrieb Anthony Papillion:
> On 8/20/2016 5:47 PM, Sarah Alawami wrote:
>> Hello to all. Sadly I have to shut down my tor relay after less
>> then 24 hours, as I received a copyright violation and I don't want
>> any network restrictions  placed on me as I want the 150mbps
>> speed.
>> Sorry to all who were using it, but yeah there it is.
>> Blessings.
> That sucks! Sorry to hear about your experience. Might it be possible
> to run your exit with a greatly reduced exit policy? Maybe just
> HTTP/HTTPS and mail?
> Anthony
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