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Re: [tor-talk] A community concern that needs to be addressed,

> When I was at HOPE in July, men and women were saying (to me at least) 

> that they were happy that Tor is progressing, that they think we're 
> growing as a community, and they look forward to volunteering.
Hi Griffin,Two questions for the Tor project:1) Do most, some, or any of the core Tor developers espouse the opinion that 
they cannot or should not go to law enforcement if they are the victim of a 
crime?2) Is there any peer pressure within the Tor community to convince participants 
at any level to avoid going to the police for help?
Actually, I'd open up that question to anyone who has worked or  
volunteered at Tor.  The Tor Social Contract claims inspiration from the 
Debian community, but I'm pretty sure most in the Debian community would 
answer a resounding "no" to both questions.  (Or if they didn't, 
Debian would view that as an enormous problem and take clear, 
transparent steps to ensure their developers don't become duct-taped 
into a corner as martyrs for the cause of freedom.) 
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