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Re: [tor-talk] Shutting down my tor relay


I can understand your anger and frustration very well and consider myself, what community I joined. A long and certainly extensively researched article in the German weekly “Zeit” which I personally appreciate, ends with the following sentences: Many others interviewed for this article, both friends and opponents of Mr. Appelbaum, didn’t want to be quoted. Out of fear of reprisals, both sides say.

Nevertheless, I have decided to hold to the project with several exits, because I am more concerned with the user and not the people of the project, from whom I expect  a lot more transparency. 
In Germany we have a presumption of innocence- this should be applied here as well and so I have to admit, I am disappointed with the premature decision of the CCC in Germany.


Am 19.08.2016 um 20:09 schrieb Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>:
> 19.08.2016, 15:26 I:
>> Well, that is twaddle.
>> Tor is for people who are censored using the internet.
> Not only them. Ordinary citizens use Tor to enhance their privacy. And
> of course criminals use Tor, though that is not stated on "Who is using
> Tor?"
>> What twisted logic do you use to avoid feeling you're letting them down?
> No one has to give them anything. No one shall take anything away from
> them, they are not given by default.
>> Robert
>>> Hi!
>>> The situation how the affair about Jake was handled by the Tor project
>>> has made me feel very uneasy.
>>> After digging through several material (for example
>>> https://shiromarieke.github.io/tor) I find that I am no longer believing
>>> in this project or trust it.
>>> That’s why I’m shutting down my tor relay fsingtor now.
>>> As long as the project stays that way it is I will no longer recommend
>>> Tor or support it in any ways. And I don’t think that such a project
>>> should have any future.
>>> Good luck,
>>> | Stephan Seitz 
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