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Re: [tor-talk] Shutting down my tor relay

19.08.2016, 15:26 I:
> Well, that is twaddle.
> Tor is for people who are censored using the internet.

Not only them. Ordinary citizens use Tor to enhance their privacy. And
of course criminals use Tor, though that is not stated on "Who is using

> What twisted logic do you use to avoid feeling you're letting them down?

No one has to give them anything. No one shall take anything away from
them, they are not given by default.

> Robert
>> Hi!
>> The situation how the affair about Jake was handled by the Tor project
>> has made me feel very uneasy.
>> After digging through several material (for example
>> https://shiromarieke.github.io/tor) I find that I am no longer believing
>> in this project or trust it.
>> That’s why I’m shutting down my tor relay fsingtor now.
>> As long as the project stays that way it is I will no longer recommend
>> Tor or support it in any ways. And I don’t think that such a project
>> should have any future.
>> Good luck,
>> | Stephan Seitz 

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