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[tor-talk] tor connecting to


I have just subscribed, i have been using tor for a long time. thank you guys 
for your commitment to privacy in developing this tool.

I'd like to ask why is tor-win32- and torbrowser-install-6.5a2_en-US.exe connecting to ?

every time i use either TBB or tor alone my fw alerts/logs the connection to this ip.

tested on separate machines with windows 7 and also xp.

i have downloaded both from https://dist.torproject.org
i have checked signatures and sha256 unsigned builds for both of them and everything checks (sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt)

for tor-win32-           3b311c8819946d177b96ae89e3c4f4fa3da59e0b588defdf21c6d82a21fd536c (after stripping the signature)

for torbrowser-install-6.5a2_en-US.exe     d5daab5cfb7b3e856235f5993aff08a91e4dbb68cff5a9a990ccbc1da3513ebf (after stripping the signature)

is tor binding a socket to ? or is it something else?  if so why is this not on the changelog?

this was a bug 4 or 5 years ago for mac users, had a ticket and its been solved.

as a result of this newly tor behavior i decided to stop using both packages because for "a simple or common user" like me there is no way to 
tell why tor is now using to connect or bind.

the simple notion that tor connects to an ip with seems unsettling specially when a old ticket solved the issue
although it was for mac users, i have never encounter this behavior before when using previous versions of TBB or tor packages in windows.

the other recent version "torbrowser-install-6.0.3_en-US.exe" (e8ca44a4d73bc0183973e3e7abbbaf546c2a1d2cae3df58b76e929332e02a277) simply
connects to no other behavior is shown.

can someone please clarify

thank you.

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