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Re: [tor-talk] A community concern that needs to be addressed,

myzeus@openmailbox.org wrote:
Their post seems to be somewhat political and based on recent events.
The user's concern on the lack of technical posts makes a lot of
sense. I feel like Tor has become increasingly user-friendly and the
Tor Browser Bundle is by far less 'intimidating' to perform first time
configuration than it was a few years ago. The lack of technical posts
might concern some people. What are your thoughts on addressing the

When I was at HOPE in July, men and women were saying (to me at least) that they were happy that Tor is progressing, that they think we're growing as a community, and they look forward to volunteering. Honestly, that makes me really fucking happy. That's not really an `identity politics` thing. I would say that none of the people that I spoke to who plan to volunteer had any past negative experiences with any Tor peeps. It's more a matter of seeing a terrible situation happen (from afar) and then seeing it handled in a serious way. It's been a real rough patch for the community, but most everyone seems to be handling it with grace and professionalism. Things like that can inspire confidence in a project's team, as weird as that probably sounds.

So: I'm happy that people aren't scared away, hope that people of all genders will keep volunteering, and that everyone will eventually move beyond this (perhaps to more technical topics). People can always post about a Tor-related project on this list and it may well make it to the blog or twitter. I mean, if someone posts a cool project here I'm pretty likely to post it to my twitter stream =)


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