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[tor-talk] A community concern that needs to be addressed,

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Hi there,

A reddit user recently wrote the following and as quoted:
"So this is a throwaway account.

I have been keeping up and following the Tor project on social media sites and just had a general interest. I have an uncomfortable feeling with the way things are going at the Tor project.

Jacob being accused of rape is a subject I don't want to dive into, but I feel like there is a push to get certain people out of the Tor project. On top of that we had the ex CIA agent, the board purge, and several notable people leave.

I don't know if Jacob did what he's accused of, and it's not up to anyone of us to know what he did either. That is to be left up to the courts.

On top of all of that the social media posts are seemingly less technical/privacy related and more related towards identity politics . The latest tweet was a retweet of Alison Macrina saying there are women interested in joining the project and that's awesome. I agree that having qualified developers and others is a great thing and the more involved people are the better. My worry is the identity politics . I myself am considered a minority, but I think basing serious projects on identity politics is not only dangerous, but perhaps an active force being used by enemies of Tor.

My theory is that enemies of Tor are using identity politics to push key members out of the Tor project and to then hijack it and perhaps make it less secure.

Why do I think that is the theory? Because it's a real life tactic used by some to subvert then destroy your enemies while you quietly take control. We all know governments love to use sex crimes to pass laws. Claims of rampant sexism at Tor and a rape accusation seem to fit the shoe of getting people to support the removal of those key members. What are your thoughts?

TLDR I believe the Tor project is slowly being hijacked and key members getting kicked out based on buzzwords and identity politics" -- https://www.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/4ydpb1/is_tor_being_hijacked/

Their post seems to be somewhat political and based on recent events. The user's concern on the lack of technical posts makes a lot of sense. I feel like Tor has become increasingly user-friendly and the Tor Browser Bundle is by far less 'intimidating' to perform first time configuration than it was a few years ago. The lack of technical posts might concern some people. What are your thoughts on addressing the issue?

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