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[tor-talk] Revolt Against Tor Over Rape Claims, Process, Board, Etc

8:30 AM - 17 Aug 2016
Tor revolt over rape claims...

12:41 PM - 16 Aug 2016
Today I am quitting @torproject I published my letter to tor-internal here:
I am not exactly sure how to start this email. To be honest, I never
imagined I'd ever be writing this kind of letter to Tor, a project I
used to respect a lot and was very excited to contribute to. Having
been almost totally silent on Tor-related topics on all public
channels for the last months doesn't make it easier for me to talk

Posted on August 16, 2016 by dwrob
My Letter To The Tor Project
Dear Shari,
As you know, police raided my Seattle home in April because I was
operating a Tor exit. You and I have planned to discuss Tor’s response...
Here are some of the issues that compel my decision...

August 16, 2016
The Weaponising Of Social Part 3: The Resurrection Of IOError
The genesis of this groundbreaking series was a moral obligation to
highlight obvious discrepancies in the coordinated smears against
Jacob Appelbaum (IOError). That smear campaign’s self-pronounced and
ostensibly achieved aim was to permanently shut down his
(anti-surveillance, anti-three-letter-agency) public speaking by
casting him out from the very communities he has dedicated his life to
Implemented, that aim had very little to do with protecting actual
rape victims but everything to do with manipulating (by asserting
social control over) the speaking circuit which is the visible face of
the privacy and infosec movements, as well as dominating the critical
infrastructure and the corporate structure (at board level) of the Tor

Tor 6.0.4
Happenstance, coincidence, enemy action?
Not that there's necessarily any connection to Jakegate (it can't be
ruled out either) but the latest updates of Tor have been a
frightening mess. Why does Tor suddenly dump over 30 megabloats of
steaming faeces onto a file system on exit...

"I know other people at Tor and in the broader community have similar
feelings, and I hope this will encourage them to speak up." --
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