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Re: [tor-talk] New Pluggable Transports

Hi Justin,

> Hi, Will there be any new pluggable transports released soon?  I ask 
> because most DPI boxes that are in use are able to block OBFS4 and 
> Meek.  If new transports are coming out, when?  Also, where can I
> see more information about them? Thanks, Justin.

David Fifield:
> No, we didn't find out how they were blocking obfs4. Justin suspects
> it's not an IP blacklist because neither the default Tor Browser bridges
> nor custom bridges worked. He tried setting iat-mode=1 (activating
> packet timing obfuscation) on the client, and obfs4 was still detected.
> We didn't have an iat-mode=1 server to test timing obfuscation in both
> directions.

Have you managed to identify the mechanism of obfs4 detection? Or at
least to go around DPI boxes with obfs4?
It's simpler to defeat detection rather than deploying new PTs. Anyway
we need improvements in both directions.

Ivan Markin
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