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Re: [tor-talk] SELinux issue with Tor?

On 8/13/16, Jeremy Rand <jeremyrand@airmail.cc> wrote:
> #zeronet IRC
> I've obtained permission to post a partial chatlog.

It's a public channel, on an insecure server, plugged into clearnet.
Do you have any idea how many users, publicly accessible archives,
corporate bots, and NSA drones, have and even publish a copy of IRC... lots.
Permission has no relavant context there. Users believing public IRC is
somehow transient, private, unrecorded, etc... that's downright foolish.
If you want secrecy / deniability, etc, try using or developing something
else, good luck, it's no easy task.

> I'm curious if this is intended behavior by Tor.  Chatlog below:
> ...
> <pskosinski> According to SELinux tor wants to mount a filesystem on
> /var/lib/tor, what sounds weiiiiird

Most GNU/Linux are hard to learn due to unnecessary abstraction layers,
thus time spent learning or gutting them first instead of learning unix.
Learn more unix and the answer to the behavior will become obvious.
The following links may be of help...

> fiction -- I'm already aware that Tor isn't backdoored by the Pentagon

Abject backdooring is different from selective funding to areas
that are not a threat to the funder. It's been hashed to death...
in the public archives, no permission needed.
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