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[tor-talk] Tor and Spamhaus.

I was looking at exit nodes on http://www.ip-score.com/ which checks dozens of blacklists. Typically, each exit node is considered bad by about five blacklists. I've checked about 15 exit nodes and all are blacklisted by xbl.spamhaus.org and, by extension, zen.spamhaus.org (zen is a compendium of all Spamhaus' blacklists; if an IP is in one then it's in zen).

Virtually all are in cbl.abuseat.org which is the Composite Blacklist which is a part of Spamhaus.

Yet most blacklisting services do not consider exit nodes to be dubious.

This situation would not be an issue except for the popularity of Spamhaus.

Question: why does Spamhaus in particular target exit nodes? Does this have an effect on Tor users? How is Spamhaus actually used? For example, if I go to Craigslist and can't use the website and get "This IP has been automatically blocked" or when I login to Gmail I am forced to verify myself, is this related to Spamhaus' blacklisting?
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