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Re: [tor-talk] "Your Firefox is out of date"

at bottom :-

On 12/08/2016, Georg Koppen <gk@torproject.org> wrote:


> Ugh. There should be no need to redownload 6.0.3 again. Although you'd
> need to reinstall the languague pack you'd used at least. So, all in all
> it might be the easiest to use a fresh 6.0.3, alas. I am sorry about that.
> Georg

Hi Georg,

I should have been more clear. What has happened is while I  can see
the addons in Tools > Addons , near the URL bar where there are icons,
that space doesn't have much.  I have the URI locator, search-engine
and then the drop-down menu thing which has things like Cut, Copy,

Is there a way to take backup of all the extensions (and data in
extensions) and passwords and bookmarks ?

This is where my tor browser lies

─[$] alias tor


I would like to have minimum fuss happening. I'm ok with downloading
the browser again.

I am using the english languagepack so that shouldn't be any different, right .

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