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Re: [tor-talk] "Your Firefox is out of date"

at bottom :-

On 12/08/2016, Georg Koppen <gk@torproject.org> wrote:
> shirish शिरीष:
>> at bottom :-
>> On 11/08/2016, Georg Koppen <gk@torproject.org> wrote:
>> <snipped>
>>> Yes, this is bug 19890 and it should be fixed on Mozilla's side right
>>> now (I tested it a while ago): having a clean Tor Browser you won't get
>>> that warning anymore. To quote from the blog post update:
>>> """
>>> Update (August 11, 10:04 UTC): Starting from a couple of hours ago Tor
>>> Browser users might see a notification box in their browser claiming
>>> that Firefox is too old providing a button to get a newer one. This is
>>> both due to a server-side code change on Mozilla's side and an oversight
>>> by us during the ESR45 transition. Clicking on the "Get Firefox" button
>>> is save and leads the user to our Tor Browser download page. Needless to
>>> say, this whole behavior is highly confusing and we are apologizing for
>>> it. We are working on a fix as past as possible and hope to get Mozilla
>>> to exempt Tor Browser users from this feature while we are working on a
>>> new release. For technical details see our bug tracker.
>>> """
>>> We plan to release a new Tor Browser version shortly to address the
>>> issue from our side. As a workaround one can either install a new Tor
>>> Browser 6.0.3 version from our website or set
>>> `extensions.systemAddon.update.url` to `""` which should get rid of the
>>> out-of-date-extension the next time an extension update check gets
>>> performed. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
>>> Georg
>> Dear Georg,
>> I tried and did as shared above, i.e. going ot about:config and
>> changing the value from the URL. I even tried updating the addons in
>> order to make the "Your Firefox is out of date" disappear but no
>> change.
> Yes, sorry, this was not a solution for immediate remedy. It should have
> solved the problem during the next ping for extension updates. Depending
> on when the last ping happened this can take up to 24 hours.
>> I looked at the bug-report and tried the second option shared therein -
>> A solution --
>> Go to about:config/extensions.bootstrappedAddon
>> Reset the string Value to empty Value {}
>> Restart Tor browser.
>> The warning will not appear again.
>> That worked.
>> https://www.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/4x8wwk/solution_for_the_false_warning_your_firefox_is/
> Thanks, and glad it helped in your case.
> Georg


It did but it also took away all my extensions :( . I didn't backup
the extensions.bootstrappedAddon

Any idea what to do now other than downloading 6.0.3 and doing
everything from scratch :(

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