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[tor-talk] Tor and Links 2.12 browser

Hi folks!

I'm setting up my musl-libc machine to browse the web using tor.  The 
build needed some tweaking to work but worked, and the tor service came 
right up, so yay.  

Now I'm trying to figure out if it's working properly.  I've enabled
the browser(links 2.12)'s Socks4a support and 'connect only through 
proxies' option.  I'm running tor with the WarnUnsafeSocks option
set.  I see lookup failures in tor's log if I connect to bogus domains, 
and when I turn debugging on, I see traffic coming through.

There's also a "Fake Firefox" option that I'm trying out.

Short of running a packet sniffer for a while, is there anything else I
should be checking?


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