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Re: [tor-talk] "Your Firefox is out of date"

Random User:
> Hi, 
> When opening Tor Browser 6.0.3 (GNU/Linux) just now, I was alarmed to
> get the following message:
> "Your Firefox is out of date. Please download a fresh copy.", along with
> a button labeled, "Get Firefox". I did not click the button and will
> wait before doing anything to hear from others about this.
> I have been using Tor Browser for years now and do not recall ever
> getting such a message before. It is clearly different from the normal
> update messages.  

Yes, this is bug 19890 and it should be fixed on Mozilla's side right
now (I tested it a while ago): having a clean Tor Browser you won't get
that warning anymore. To quote from the blog post update:

Update (August 11, 10:04 UTC): Starting from a couple of hours ago Tor
Browser users might see a notification box in their browser claiming
that Firefox is too old providing a button to get a newer one. This is
both due to a server-side code change on Mozilla's side and an oversight
by us during the ESR45 transition. Clicking on the "Get Firefox" button
is save and leads the user to our Tor Browser download page. Needless to
say, this whole behavior is highly confusing and we are apologizing for
it. We are working on a fix as past as possible and hope to get Mozilla
to exempt Tor Browser users from this feature while we are working on a
new release. For technical details see our bug tracker.

We plan to release a new Tor Browser version shortly to address the
issue from our side. As a workaround one can either install a new Tor
Browser 6.0.3 version from our website or set
`extensions.systemAddon.update.url` to `""` which should get rid of the
out-of-date-extension the next time an extension update check gets
performed. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.


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