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Re: [tor-talk] Medium removed the captchas for Tor users!

On 08-Aug-16 21:42, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> I still don't know what those statements were about.
> I've seen no change in Cloudfront captchas working better for Tor.
> Meaning, they don't work at all.
> Even major news outlets using CloudFlare, where I'd like to read
> controversial articles don't work w/ Tor Browser.
> Haven't for the longest time, regardless of having JS enabled.

The OP was referring to a specific site - Medium.com (using Cloudflare)
that was previously presenting captchas to Tor users and is no longer
doing so (this is an option in Cloudflare site settings that you can

It was not a statement on the general usability of Cloudflare's captchas
for Tor Browser users.

Sadiq Saif (AS393949)
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