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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Project Corporate Document FOI Request

On 7/31/16, Paul Syverson <paul.syverson@nrl.navy.mil> wrote:
> I don't know the extent to which this covers what you were looking for,

People are certainly familiar serving on, in, and with boards of
directors, founding
positions, and executive positions, as such are surely familiar with the name
and meaning of the docs listed / requested by name on behalf of the community,
familiar enough to which you and everyone else that has responded similarly
above, up to and including proffering the not requested and new docs below,
or talking FOIA law... that such respondants are, respectfully... full of crap,
or at least grossly to negligent misreading, regarding docs thought looking for.

It's been almost three weeks now and the silence by those in position
to execute this request, to even officially publicly acknowledge and
put it in queue... is becoming suspect in some circles.

At least there seems now some movement by unofficials around it.
Let that not be taken to excuse officials.

> but you might want to look at/participate in the thread
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2016-July/000559.html
> that discusses various Tor documents.

Maybe later as time permit :)

> The second message (from Alison) specifically includes several
> documents that seem to cover at least some of what you were asking about.

Nice for future, but see new docs above and below.

> The thread I reference in general discusses the need for having a good
> place to put all such documents and the pros and cons of various
> choices.

Could be seen as excuse / delay. Nor is a committee on that needed.
But hey, fixed that for ya...


> So, while I think it's true that the particular thread we're
> currently in remains unanswered by anyone from TPI,

I'll accept that.

> there is clearly
> ongoing expenditure of nontrivial time and effort on the general
> topic.  No doubt plenty of room for improvement. HTH.

And that too... while noting that the request calls for existing past
docs, not future improved ones. The time and effort required to produce
the narrow list therein is trivial matter of pulling them from file drawer.
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