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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and macOS Sierra

Hey all,

I am trying to report an issue with Tor Browser and, after consulting
the Tor Stack Exchange forum, this seems like the best place to do so.

I am but an irregular user of Tor but I like to have it at hand and
use it  from time to time. Up until recently, I would update
frequently and it  all worked smoothly. However, today is the first
time I try launching it  after upgrading to macOS Sierra and I am
bumping into an error for the  first time.

Instead of connecting like it used to, the "Tor Status" window stays 
in place for a while and eventually delivers an error message saying 
"Tor Launcher. Could not connect to Tor control port".

I upgraded to the most recent version of Tor Browser (the stable 6.0.2
and then experimental 6.5a1), created  an exception in my Firewall and
even deactivated said firewall for a bit,  but all to no avail. Is
this something someone else has bumped into?  Could it be connectivity
issues with Sierra itself? Some other functionality  that blocks

I hope this helps.


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