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[public-dns-discuss] Re: google dns not resolving domain

The authoritative name server for roqay.pro at does not have any address records for the name server names ns1.roqay.pro or ns2.roqay.pro. You need to add these to the roqay.pro zone file. That should allow Google Public DNS to resolve the name server names for the roqay.com zone, which will then be used to resolve the name server names (ns1.roqay.com and ns2.roqay.com) for the roqay.work zone.

Both the roqay.com and roqay.pro zones have two NS names for the same name server IP address, which is a poor practice, you should have multiple name server IP addresses, not just multiple names for the same name server. Also, chaining the name server names for the zones in this way increases the DNS resolution time significantly. It's much better if the name servers for a zone are in the zone (and have glue addresses in the delegation records of the TLD registry). If you always do that, there are no issues if the name servers are not present in the zone file.

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