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[public-dns-discuss] Some of domains from ionos not resolving correctly only with google public DNS

Hi DNS team,

We are experiencing google specific DNS resolving issue.
We are managing multiple websites and some of their domains are resolved using old values or not at all.

Example, we are managing www.nfldcamera.com
This domain is handle by ionos hosting and is currently being resolved by any other DNS by a A record on
It is by most of public DNS like CLoudfare but Google is still responding old CNAME record on
Check https://dnschecker.org/#A/www.nfldcamera.com, only google is responding this.

Another example, we are managing mikescamera.com
This domain was migrated from A record to CNAME record weeks ago. It was well working since then,
But recently Google public DNS is not able to resolve it responding with a timeout.
All other public DNS seems to work correctly, only Google public DNS is showing this strange behaviour.

Marc Cesarine @ dakis.com

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