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[public-dns-discuss] Not able to resolve ezyagency.co.. trying from last 3 days..


i have domain purchased from namecheap and i want to host it onto google cloud compute engine.
the domain name is already pointed to the following nameservers:
ezyagency.co. 3600 NS ns-cloud-d3.googledomains.com.
ezyagency.co. 3600 NS ns-cloud-d4.googledomains.com.
ezyagency.co. 3600 NS ns-cloud-d2.googledomains.com.
ezyagency.co. 3600 NS ns-cloud-d1.googledomains.com

From cloud DNS, i have also created a DNZ zone and updated A records as per my needs.
Please check screenshot below


I also check all steps mentioned here

but still google domain is not recognizing my domain name
can you tell me whats going on?

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