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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Google Public DNS not resolving subdomain...

Hi Rick,

You have included a lot of information, but left out the most important one, which is the name of the domain that isn't being resolved properly. 

You wrote:
I logged into my domain registrar account and then went into my Dashboard, I went down to the DNS records and click on Add New Record then under Advance DNS I selected "URL Redirect Record", under Host I entered the subdomain name, then under Value is the URL address that I am forwarding to and the TTL is set to 30

Note that although many registrars offer a URL Redirect feature, this is not something that is part of DNS. URL Redirects are HTTP features, so they are implemented by providing a DNS 'A' (address) or CNAME (alias) record for the subdomain that points to a stub web server run by the registry that returns the HTTP redirect.
I then went into the Chrome Browser and cleared all history and cookies, closed the browser and opened the DOS command prompt and flushed all of the DNS records from my cache using IPCONFIG /flushdns.

Note that this flushes only your local DNS cache – it does not flush the caches for any resolvers by other parties. You can flush Google Public DNS records, and some other public DNS services have similar features. However, if your problem is related to stale cache data, that data expired days ago.

Oh and I forgot to mention the main page of my domain works fine because it points to my Blogger page using the CNAME records ghs.google.com and (redacted).googlehosted.com so it's appears that its an issues with recognizing and resolving my subdomains on Google Public DNS. Help would be appreciated.

If you're still having the problem, and it wasn't just cached data, please provide the specific subdomain.

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