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[public-dns-discuss] confused

Test with IPv4 DNS record	 	
ok (0.030s) using ipv4
Test with IPv6 DNS record	 	
bad (0.024s)
Test with Dual Stack DNS record	 	
ok (0.014s) using ipv4
Test for Dual Stack DNS and large packet	 	
ok (0.025s) using ipv4
Test IPv4 without DNS	 	
ok (0.013s) using ipv4
Test IPv6 without DNS	 	
bad (0.023s)
Test IPv6 large packet	 	
bad (0.029s)
Test if your ISP's DNS server uses IPv6	 	
bad (0.673s)
Find IPv4 Service Provider	 	
timeout (15.029s)
Find IPv6 Service Provider	 	
bad (0.040s) 
i don’t understand why they’re all bad.

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