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[public-dns-discuss] Reverse resolve errors causing havoc...

I rent dedicated servers running XenServer that host various virtual machines. I also have public IP space (/29) that is included with the dedicated server rental. I also have additional IP space (again, /29) that is linked to my dedicated server.

The first IP range ( seems to have some polluted reverse DNS records in the Google Public DNS cache as each of these IP addresses resolves to a different host name when attempting to set up PRTG or any virtual machines using these IP addresses.

The second IP range ( does not suffer the same reverse resolution issue.

I am frankly stumped and I am unable to use Google Public DNS or Cloudflare DNS as these both seem to be polluted somehow. I was also unable to get a straight answer from the Google Domains team about what the authoritative DNS server address is for my domains.

I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions or answers you folks might have about this issue and a possible resolution.

Thank you in advance!

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