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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Does DNS-over-TLS work with just &

DNS-over-TLS works with all Google Public DNS IP addresses, not just and, but also with the IPv6 addresses.

Android 9 (Pie) configuration will use this by default if your phone is on a network that gives our those addresses. You can also configure Google Public DNS by name (dns.google) to force using DNS-over-TLS on any network. Using the name for this purpose is preferred, since configuring just IPv4 addresses like will not take advantage of IPv6 DNS service even if it is available (and possibly faster than IPv4, especially on mobile networks).

If you are manually configuring DNS-over-TLS on a laptop or workstation, using GetDNS' Stubby proxy or another proxy, you should configure the DNS service by name (using dns.google or 8888.google) if possible (this is not always the case).

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