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[public-dns-discuss] I cannot access my website after add the mx for the mail


I cannot access my website after add the mx for the mail.

I run the google's DNS diagnostic but I dont understand anything about it.

Can you guys tell me what exactly I have to do after get the diagnostic.

Here is the output I received.

"Status": 0,
"TC": false,
"RD": true,
"RA": true,
"AD": false,
"CD": false,
"Question": [
"name": "www.oscarmantilla.fr.",
"type": 1
"Authority": [
"name": "oscarmantilla.fr.",
"type": 6,
"TTL": 174,
"data": "dns106.ovh.net. tech.ovh.net. 2019010818 86400 3600 3600000 300"


{"Status": 0,"TC": false,"RD": true,"RA": true,"AD": false,"CD": false,"Question":[ {"name": "www.oscarmantilla.fr.","type": 1}],"Authority":[ {"name": "oscarmantilla.fr.","type": 6,"TTL": 299,"data": "dns106.ovh.net. tech.ovh.net. 2019010818 86400 3600 3600000 300"}],"Comment": "Response from"}


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