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[public-dns-discuss] A Question Regarding DNS Reflection Attacks

Hello, I am a student at Michigan State University studying computer science. I have an assignment in my intro to computer security course to perform a DNS amplification attack using a single packet. Ironically, it took me longer than it should have to complete the assignment because Google's DNS server is configured to prevent amplification attacks (I had to test my code using a different DNS server!). Nonetheless, after the assignment was completed, I wanted to perform the full attack on myself out of intrigue. Based off of what I've read, Google's DNS server is configured to prevent denial of service as well as amplification, so in theory, launching this attack shouldn't cause any harm. However, I would never perform such a task without permission from the owners of the DNS server. I couldn't find a proper place to ask this question, so I'm hoping this is where I would do that. Thank you for your time.

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