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[public-dns-discuss] Understanding Google Public DNS Responses

While debugging a recent DNS issue, my investigation took me to Google's Open DNS (https://dns.google.com/query?name=example.com&type=A&dnssec=true).  

I was unable to find any documentation about the two letter response fields.  What do TC, RD, RA, AD, and CD stand for or denote?

Result for example.com/A with DNSSEC validation:
  "Status": 0,
  "TC": false,
  "RD": true,
  "RA": true,
  "AD": true,
  "CD": false,
  "Question": [
      "name": "example.com.",
      "type": 1
  "Answer": [
      "name": "example.com.",
      "type": 1,
      "TTL": 21599,
      "data": ""
  "Comment": "Response from"

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