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[public-dns-discuss] Re: + from Australia (ANYCAST) new record not working

On Jul 16, 2018, 9:36 AM
From Crazy Domains

"... re syncing the DNS in the event it did not sync properly. Please give it 2-4 hours to propagate again. Thanks!"

However, now, Hong Kong continuously not yet work. How about you in Australia?

On Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 8:21:41 PM UTC+8, Chris McGrath wrote:

Similar issue to this

I'm working with a domain on a company we acquired xcitemedia.com.au hosted in Crazy Domains (soon to be migrated to Route53 which will likely resolve the issue?)
it has an existing wildcard *.xcitemedia.com.au IN A (with a 14400 TTL which I've now set to 300)
I created connect.xcitemedia.com.au IN A (~48 hrs ago)
This propagated pretty much everywhere worldwide in with 5-10 minutes. 
My issue is and from "within Australia" are still caching incorrectly/resolve in wildcard IP and not seeing new A record
I have tested from my home in Melbourne, My Melbourne Office Melb and Brisbane office (all result in wildcard IP)
I have access to servers in the UK which resolve correctly when querying and
Everywhere else is fine eg and  including from m the UK servers its just Australia!
the name servers respond correctly too .... ns1.syrahost.com ns2.syrahost.com

The the digwebinterface.com is working too

My commands
nslookup -debug connect.xcitemedia.com.au
dig connect.xcitemedia.com.au @

https://intodns.com/xcitemedia.com.au does show some errors but none that explain why is working or not working based on GEO location.

I understand google DNS Server ( uses Anycast so there are multiple of the same of the same IP around the world.

I even initiated a flush of A type with  this tool.

Any help appreciated

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