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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Can't resolve my domain with google public dns.

The 'high-class-escortes.com' zone has a DNSSEC misconfiguration.
The parent zone 'com' has a DS record for 'high-class-escortes'
but the 'high-class-escortes.com' zone has no DNSKEY record.

To fix this, you can remove the DS record for 'high-class-escortes.com'
in the 'com' zone. Contact your registrar at http://www.http.net to do this.

Alternately, since you are using Google Cloud DNS, you can enable DNSSEC
for your domain and then get your registrar to update the DS record in .COM.
See https://cloud.google.com/dns/dnssec for Google Cloud DNS instructions.
(I cannot find any instructions for getting http.net to update DS records, but
https://www.http.net/produkte/domains/dnssec/ (EN translation) seems to
indicate that this is possible. If you can provide links to documentation for this,
I can get it added to the DNSSEC community tutorial.

'high-class-escortes.com' is in 'high-class-escortes.com' zone under .COM
'high-class-escortes.com' is failing DNSSEC validation, and has
4 nameservers in 'googledomains.com' (all are failing validation)

'high-class-escortes.com' is registered through 'Http.Net Internet Gmbh'

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