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[public-dns-discuss] Re: DNSSEC error thrown by and servers, works fine with others

Can't access bugfender service now.

On Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 5:00:44 AM UTC+2, jo... AT mobilejazz.com wrote:
Hi there,

I realized our service bugfender.com does not resolve via, I checked the diagnostic guide and it looks like it's failing because of DNSSEC validation issues, however I can see no issues in https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/bugfender.com

When I run dig with +cd parameter, it works in all servers; when I run it without, it works in all servers mentioned in the diagnostic guide except and also (which is not in the guide but I tried for sanity-checking).

I did not enable/disable DNSSEC or changed any other DNS settings recently, however I'm using a hosted DNS service (OVH Anycast) so I can't be 100% sure there have been no changes. Could anyone please help in which additional things I could check? Thanks a lot.

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