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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Google DNS issue?

Thanks for the info! The "bad" address has disappeared. I'm now wondering if they had an issue and fixed it.

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 11:09:16 AM UTC-5, Alex Dupuy wrote:
Kevin wrote:
Is anyone else having sporadic issues with google.com?

My nslookup right now happens to round-robin between &

The does not seem to work. Also, it doesn't even show to belong to google. Very strange. Any thoughts??

Each time you send a DNS query to Google Public DNS, your request may be handled by a different system, and it is possible for them to return different answers.

You can see what the authoritative Google name servers are returning (Google Public DNS queries them to get an answer):

  dig google.com @ns1.google.com

or on Windows

  nslookup -debug google.com ns1.google.com

The address is probably a Google Global Cache (GGC) node located at an ISP (in this case Level 3) that ought to be somewhere on the Internet between you and Google's data centers. Sometimes Google's mapping for an IP network range can be incorrect, sending you to a GGC node in another ISP that won't respond to your network, but those usually are fixed automatically. If you are still having this problem, you can try the commands above to see what the authoritative name servers are sending, and then try the following commands to see if there is a mapping problem:

  dig google.com @publicdns.goog
  dig -t TXT o-o.myaddr.$RANDOM.google.com @publicdns.goog
  traceroute -n or any other non-Google address returned

or on Windows

  nslookup -debug google.com publicdns.goog
  nslookup -debug google.com ns1.google.com
  nslookup -debug -q=TXT o-o.myaddr.123728.google.com publicdns.goog
  tracert or any other non-Google address returned

Sending the output of this might allow some diagnosis of the problem.

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