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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Google DNS Nameservers returning no answer for tillerhq.com lookups

I think many (if not all) Hover customers are experiencing connectivity problems right now with Google's DNS.  According to Hover support they are waiting for Google to flush their DNS cache. However, I tried flushing the cache manually for my domain, angrysam.com using the public DNS flush tool and I still can't get name resolution.  Perhaps it is something deeper within Google DNS that is cached which can't be cleared using the web form.

On Monday, February 26, 2018 at 11:36:32 PM UTC-8, Tim Johns wrote:
Alex - thanks so much for the very fast (and late night!) response. I've reached back out to Hover with this information.

On Monday, February 26, 2018 at 11:05:39 PM UTC-8, Alex Dupuy wrote:
The best way to check Google Public DNS for problems with a domain is to go to the dns.google.com diagnostic page and type the domain name in.

When I did that for tillerhq.com, I initially got the error "All name servers for zone unresponsive (no query sent)." I tried flushing the domain at https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/cache and now I am getting this error: "Name servers did not respond [,]."

If TUCOWS / Hover DNS operations were being hit with some kind of denial-of-service attack, it might be the case that they are blocking our outbound resolver IP addresses as listed at https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/faq#locations. Alternately, if the problem was network connectivity, it is possible that their connectivity is back up in general, but peering with Google is not.

All I can suggest is that you contact TUCOWS / Hover and ask them if they are seeing queries from our outbound resolver IP addresses generally, and whether they are blocking them in any way.

If they are not seeing any queries from us then it is probably a routing issue between them and AS15169 (Google's main network number).

If they are seeing queries from us, but are blocking or not responding to them, we won't be able to resolve their domains until they do fix that.

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