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[public-dns-discuss] Re: Error 18

Gordon Landis wrote:
The one other thing that I see that's pretty non-standard is that we return a 0 TTL on many A records.  Could this trigger servfails in any way?

I haven't been aware of specific problems with zero-TTL records, although there was a previous report for a domain that returned records with TTL=1. It is certainly quite possible that there is an issue with such records that could cause a SERVFAIL response on a second query; this would be a low priority for us to fix.

There are really very very few legitimate reasons for using a zero TTL, and it is likely to cause problems for many reasons.  See http://mark.lindsey.name/2009/03/never-use-dns-ttl-of-zero-0.html and especially https://00f.net/2011/11/17/how-long-does-a-dns-ttl-last/.

The latter correctly notes that Google Public DNS never returns the full TTL given by the authoritative server, but always decrements it by one. To avoid problems for your users who may be using Google Public DNS, therefore, it is highly recommended that you never use a TTL value of less than two (2).

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