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Re: The Assassination Of Donald Trump


Cecilia Tanaka:

>  I am sick of them saying that Trump and Trump supporters are "nazis" or "kkk".

Oh, I can explain the "kkk" thing...  In other countries, the sound of written loud laugh is expressed in several different ways.  I like to laugh using "hahaha", but most of the Brazilian people usually laughs "kkk", "kkkk", or even "kkkkkkkk"!  :D

It is just a different "lol", NOT a support to the  - blargh! -  disgusting Ku Klux Khan.  Well, the sound of "ku" for us is a very, very bad word used to say "anus" in an offensive way.  It means "@sshole".

It would be fun to say "I am a very proud @sshole", but no way...  It would not work well here, just in the USA, hahaha!!  ;D

Hey, do you use your official KKK clothes to ask for candies in the Halloween, pretending to be a ghost?   ;D

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