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Re: The Assassination Of Donald Trump

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018, 22:25 CANNON <cannon AT cannon-ciota.info> wrote:

> Not sure what this has to do with crypto-anarchy or cypherpunk things. But may God protect Trump, and the USA

Sorry, my dear, but God does probably *not* exist.

>  Trump is a great president, and protecting the USA

Hey, I also noticed he gained some weight and become "greater" after becoming USA's president!  :D

Maybe some pounds more and he can "protect" your country even more, staying in the place of the the "Great Wall of USA", hahaha!!  ;D

> from the globalist agenda and from the leftists socialist agenda.

Oh, help the USA, dear probably inexistent God, there is a dangerous *globalist* agenda!!!  :-o

But every good NORTH-American knows the world is FLAT, why are everyone talking about globes and global things?!  

Globes are spherical and  - wow! -  it's so illogical as believing in Darwin, instead of the Creationism and the sacred Bible, oooh!!  :-o 

Meh, always thought *real* cypherpunks wanted an anarchist world, without politicians and frontiers...  

Yawn...  Boring.  Do your homework and learn a little bit more about politics and geography, please.  (- _ -) zzzz...


>  May the USA, and liberty prosper.

I do agree and wish exactly the same to ALL the other countries:  real Liberty, the end of government's and institution's oppression.

>  And I am sick of all these low intelligent people trying to compare Trump to Hitler.

Well, you are right now.  Hitler was a serial killer, a monster, a devilish human garbage, but was very intelligent.  Comparing Trump to Hitler is really offensive to Hitler...  :(

>  I am sick of them saying that Trump and Trump supporters are "nazis" or "kkk".

Oh, I can explain the "kkk" thing...  In other countries, the sound of written loud laugh is expressed in several different ways.  I like to laugh using "hahaha", but most of the Brazilian people usually laughs "kkk", "kkkk", or even "kkkkkkkk"!  :D

It is just a different "lol", NOT a support to the  - blargh! -  disgusting Ku Klux Khan.  Well, the sound of "ku" for us is a very, very bad word used to say "anus" in an offensive way.  It means "@sshole".

It would be fun to say "I am a very proud @sshole", but no way...  It would not work well here, just in the USA, hahaha!!  ;D

Hey, do you use your official KKK clothes to ask for candies in the Halloween, pretending to be a ghost?   ;D

>  This world has come to lunacy.  

Yep, and every single person in this crazy world is a lunatic, including both of us, my dear.

I am really afraid because my country will probably have its own version of Trump...  These elections are being so ridiculously irrational and stupid, aff... 

Well, it's Spring here...  Maybe it's arrived the Revolution time, yay!  :D

Wish you all much love, serenity and happiness.  Be well, take care and make this world better, please.  <3

Ceci, still following the white rabbit and her dreams...  Sorry, I am very late with ALL my private messages, but I do have interesting reasons to choose to be silent now!  ;)

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity.  It's your place in the world; it's your life.  Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."  -  Mae Jemison