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Re: The Assassination Of Donald Trump

On 10/24/2018 08:37 AM, Steven Schear wrote:
> https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-23/cj-hopkins-assassination-donald-trump

Not sure what this has to do with crypto-anarchy or cypherpunk things. But may
God protect Trump, and the USA. Trump is a great president, and protecting the USA
from the globalist agenda and from the leftists socialist agenda.

May the USA, and liberty prosper.

And I am sick of all these low intelligent people trying to compare Trump to Hitler.
I am sick of them saying that Trump and Trump supporters are "nazis" or "kkk".

Such is utter ridiculousness and lacks any logic.

If you want to talk about Hitler, and nazis. Nazi was short for "National SOCIALIST" in German.

Socialism is an ideology of the left.

And as for antifa, ANTIFA is by definition a fascist group. They are against free speech, and against other constitutional rights. They suppress
free speech and attack those whom would disagree with them. And they attack and taunt pro-2nd amendment rallies. They vandalize, 
taunt, and attack anyone they disagree with. The opposition to liberty, and the suppression of  those that stand for liberty, 
through terrorism and violence is in itself fascism. How can anyone whom is against free speech, 2nd amendment, and lacks tolerance NOT be considered fascists?

This world has come to lunacy.