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Re: From Fox News - iPhone can be turned into a bodycam to record police


Fitbit data may have helped catch one of its customer’s killers, and not for the first time.

According to numerous media reports, a 90-year-old visited his stepdaughter at her home in San Jose, Ca. earlier this month, where he says he brought her pizza and visited briefly. But according to data provided to authorities by Fitbit, data from the stepdaughter’s Fitbit Alta wristband device — which tracks one’s heart rate and the number of steps taken during the day — showed a “significant spike” in her heart rate during the man’s visit, followed by a “rapid slowing.” Eight minutes after her heart had risen so rapidly, and five minutes after her stepfather left her home, it stopped.

Indeed, Fitbit’s newest privacy policy states that the company “may preserve or disclose information about you to comply with a law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; to assert legal rights or defend against legal claims; or to prevent, detect, or investigate illegal activity, fraud, abuse, violations of our terms, or threats to the security of the services or the physical safety of any person.”

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                              Jim Bell

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 5:06:35 PM PDT, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:

Doh! People who use apple-iances probably need the tip though. They're pretty... unm... slow.


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iPhone can be turned into a bodycam to record police