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Personal Black Box

Why have gadgets become black boxes when pistols are superior? Best if only women have open carry pistols, or more powerful hurt tools, to balance men's physical advantage (strength, money, weaponry, crime, betrayal, treachery, band of brotherhoods).

Gun control for men, enforced by hanging or castration if caught with a gun, especially military weaponry and WMD, would reduce predation on women and weaker peoples.

Wilson, Assange, Trump and randy dog cult stud-flaunting sex entrapment is way too slow, rigged by male lawyers to exculpt their kind.

Gadgets which instantly killed violators of male gun control and sexual exploitation would clear out a lot of useless vermin.

Tim May's legendary urge to eliminate of useless breeders should begin at home, by his own loaded, maga-enlarged penile tools. Same for warmaking POTUSes.