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Re: Paging Jim Bell

While ZKP privacy coins like say Zcash are perhaps likely
leading cryptocurrency space regarding strong cryptographic
private anonymous coin functions.

Essentially all coins don't do much in area of secure network
comms, both their own network packets / protocols, and the
nets they run over.

Few advertise / support compatibility with anonymous overlay
networks, use TLS, etc. Some like Zencash-ZEN, and onion
oriented ones, do have some features there.

And global adoption isn't there yet to spend payouts
into without exchanges, which are also weak.

And all of today's major in production anonymity networks aren't
really accepted as doing well against global / state level top secret
passive / active adversaries.

For influencing that dog / owner across the street that barks
all day... yeah maybe Bitcoin-BTC over some toynet.

But stronger coins and nets still have yet to be proven out
and developed before taking on big game.

Yet there will always be those randoms who come not to collect
money, but fame... or quietly, collecting the predictions themselves...
as bloody QR skins hung on a line in some shack deep in the jungle...