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what libertarians really stand for

	I have been dealing with scum who call themselves 'libertarians' for a long time. For those people 'libertarianism' is a flimsy excuse to promote the most anti-libertarian criminals and their 'businesses'.

	Case in point : there's this mafia called 'students for liberty', and  I assume people in this list are familiar with supreme criminal scum  peter thiel who is just a 'private' facade for the NSA - and a christian libertarian, to boot.

	So what do the 'libertarian' 'students' for 'liberty' have to say about thiel? Check this out


	Not only thiel  but other criminals at the top of the corporatist hierarchy get their cocks theoroughly sucked. Any mention of thiel being the NSA? None that i can see...

	Next, you might want to learn what "crony capitalism" is : 


	"It is more accurate to say that South Korea is a ‘crony capitalistic’ country,..." 
	ok so far, so good. 

	"...a country where the government intervenes and influences private companies"

	wait what. Government 'influences' 'private' companies? No sonny, crony capitalism means the government is the handmaiden of your fake 'private' companies. 

	"President Park Geun-hye was able to force Samsung to fund her best friend..." 

	force samsung? Crony capitalism means the government of korea is owned by samsung. 

	last but not least : 


	the url says it all. While any decent person who knew the A of the ABC would want to hang the 'super rich' by the balls, since the richer they are the more crimes they are responsible for, libertarians on the other hand are the most crass apologists of criminals like, thiel, samsung, and the 'property rights' that enable corporate thievs and murderers to 'own' billions or trillions in resources stolen from the general population of the whole planet.