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Re: Markets in Assassination?

On 07/27/2018 03:27 PM, jim bell wrote:
> https://reason.com/archives/2018/07/27/markets-in-assassination-everybody-panic
> Markets in Assassination?  Everybody Panic!!
> July 27, 2018
> Declan McCullagh,  


> This week's media scare arose after a single person used the Augur protocol to bet on whether President Donald Trump would survive 2018, and that person apparently placed the bet on a lark after a Twitter discussion.

Any bets on when this person will be in jail? I mean, Twitter ain't so
anonymous, being typically linked to mobile accounts. And neither is
Ethereum, it seems, in that it relies on UDP, which Tor doesn't handle.

> The foundation has tried to distance itself from unlawful uses of Augur, stressing on its website that it "has no power to censor, restrict, or curate markets, orders, trades, positions or resolutions on the Augur protocol contracts." Earlier this week, it formally relinquished its ability to shut down the network. Now the fate of Augur, and of its associated prediction markets, now in the hands of its users.

Indeed. Many of whom will be pwning themselves.

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> Jim Bell