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Re: Paging Jim Bell

If, after operating for some time, a PM supporting AP is widely believed to be anonymous for the wagers and and payouts, those who decide to fulfill AP bets might not even consider survival after the act (especially if the target is political and they are terminally ill people with the required trade-craft and/or access to the targets). These "Zombie Patriots" could use the ease of the AP crypto asset payout ownership by transferring the BIP39 mnemonic to a relative or friend (perhaps using a distributed paper 2-of-3 recovery protocol, https://coinstop.io/products/safewords-by-coin-storage-guru). This is somewhat similar to how Palestinian authorities offered "insurance" to the families of suicide bombers.

For a cypherpunk spy-thriller novel, dedicated to Jim Bell's AP vision (and yours truly), using Zombie Patriots as a major plot point, see Graynet by DS Kane, https://www.amazon.com/GrayNet-Book-Spies-DS-Kane/dp/0996059199/

On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 10:48 AM, Mirimir <mirimir AT riseup.net> wrote:

> And he was right.   It is the size, or lack of it, which is the primary thing which has prevented 'dead pool' betting from turning into AP.

OK, so I'm not setup for Augur. But the example in the article was "Will
Donald Trump (President of the USA) be killed at any point during 2018".
So let's say that someone kills him on October 31, at 11:10 pm EST,
wearing a Michael Myers mask. How does does the killer profit on Augur?