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Israel Declares Itself Apartheid State vs FSP's

alt comparative discussion ref: Various free state projects

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Israel Declares Itself Apartheid State

By Moon of Alabama - July 19, 2018

Israel declared itself to be an apartheid state:

The Knesset passed early Thursday a controversial bill that officially
defines Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people and
asserts that "the realization of the right to national
self-determination in Israel is unique to the Jewish people," with 62
lawmakers voting in favor of the legislation and 55 opposing it.
The nation-state law also includes clauses stating that a "united
Jerusalem" is the capital of Israel and that Hebrew is the country's
official language. Another says that "the state sees the development
of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and
promote its establishment and consolidation."

The new law has constitutional status:

The bill, which has the status of a basic law (approximately the same
as a constitutional law in countries with a written constitution), was
passed overnight to Thursday with 62 votes in favor and 55 against
after hours of fierce argument and debate. It will now come into force
as soon as it's published in the Knesset's Official Gazette.
In a clause that set Arab lawmakers off, the bill explicitly states
that "the right to exercises national determination in the State of
Israel is unique to the Jewish people."

The law stipulates segregation:

part of the law [is] aimed at promoting the "establishment and
consolidation" of Jewish settlements

Israel has never defined its borders. It has illegally taken ownership
of all public land in the occupied West Bank. This land is then
exclusively granted to Zionist settlers:

Over five decades in control of the West Bank, Israel has marked out
hundreds of thousands of acres as public land, and it has allocated
almost half of them for use.

But only 400 of those acres — 0.24 percent of the total allocated so
far — have been earmarked for the use of Palestinians, according to
official data obtained recently by an anti-settlement group after a
freedom of information request. Palestinians make up about 88 percent
of the West Bank’s population.

The group, Peace Now, said the other 99.76 percent of the land went to
help Israeli settlements.


The Arab population of Israel and the occupied territories is as big
as the Jewish population. The allocation of "public" land stolen from
the indigenous Arab population solely to Jewish immigrants was already
one of many clearly discriminating apartheid issues. It was in
contradiction even to Israeli law. Now the creation of solely Jewish
settlements is required by constitutional mandate. The blatantly
illegal creation and expansion of solely Jewish settlements on stolen
Palestinian land is now rationalized as requirement of basic law.
Muslim and Christian Palestinians now have to pay taxes for their own

Is there a Buddhist people, a Catholic people? Do they deserve their
own nation and land? No. Even the though of such is weird. Are Jews
originating from Ethiopia, India, Lithuania, Iran and Poland a common
race? Why then is there supposed to be a 'Jewish people' as the new
law stipulates?

It is historically crazy that a number of humans, living in dozens of
mostly east-European countries, would suddenly define themselves as a
unique 'race' by virtue of believing in the same religious fairy
tales. The concept mirrored and enabled the racism of the fascists.
The self declared ethnicity then laid claim on far away land in
west-Asia based on old stories of temples for which there is little to
no archeologic evidences.

Primarily Great Britain, France and the United States, furthered and
support this ethnocratic, colonialist, undemocratic, imperialist, and
genocidal scheme to their own advantage.

It is high time to end this illegal and immoral aberration.



Archbishop of Orthodox Church slams Israel's 'fascist nation state' law

Israel's nation-state bill underscores its fascist nature

On Resistance: BDS and Israel’s Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews

Israel Publishes BDS Blacklist: These Are the 20 Groups Whose Members
Will Be Denied Entry

By Noa Landau

Israel published the full list of organizations whose activists will
be barred from entering the country. The so-called BDS blacklist was
released by the Strategic Affairs Ministry.

Members of the 20 organizations on the list will not be allowed to
enter the country due to their support for the boycott, divestment and
sanctions movement against Israel. The list primarily includes
European and American organizations as well as groups from Latin
America, a group from South Africa and an international umbrella

For months the Strategic Affairs Ministry had refused to divulge which
organizations are on the list. However, a joint team from the
Strategic Affairs and Interior ministries had previously determined
the parameters that serve as a basis for barring activists from coming
into the country.

Those who hold senior or important positions in blacklisted
organizations will be denied entry, as well as key activists, even if
they hold no official position. Mayors and establishment figures who
actively and continually promote boycotts will also be prevented from
entering, as will activists who arrive to Israel on behalf of or as
part of a delegation initiated by one of blacklisted groups.

The full list

European organizations:

■ France-Palestine Solidarity Association

■ BDS France

■ BDS Italy

■ The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine

■ Friends of Al-Aqsa

■ Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

■ The Palestine Committee of Norway

■ Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden

■ Palestine Solidarity Campaign

■ War on Want

■ BDS Kampagne

American organizations:

■ American Friends Service Committee

■ American Muslims for Palestine

■ Code Pink

■ Jewish Voice for Peace

■ National Students for Justice in Palestine

■ US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Other groups:

■ BDS Chile

■ BDS South Africa

■ BDS National Committee


Israel’s BDS blacklist is straight out of apartheid. The UK can’t condone it


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