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Re: Forced Decrypt: US Judge Jails Defendant Six Months for Contempt re Phone Unlock

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 16:53:20 -0500
"\\0xDynamite" <dreamingforward AT gmail.com> wrote:

> Cynicism has it's place....

	Are you referring to my  accurate description of your nazi government as 'cynical'? Sorry, calling it 'cynical' means nothing.

	Also, are you still ignoring the basic, self-evident fact that suing the government using the governmnt's courts is A_B_S_U_R_D and S_E_L_F  D_E_F_E_A_T_I_N_G ? Is that too hard to grasp? 

	If a thief steals from you, you go to the thief's 'court' of 'justice'? 

	Well, we both know you are just playing dumb because you lack basic intellectual honesty to admit that your argument is absurd. 

> But it ends at the point you need to make a choice.

	yes, you have to make a choice. Stop promoting your nazi government by barefacedly lying about it being 'accountable'  - or keep promoting  your nazi governemtn like you always do and are doing at this very moment.

> It's your choice.
> Marcos