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Re: Forced Decrypt: US Judge Jails Defendant Six Months for Contempt re Phone Unlock

>> BTW, you can ask for a cops ID too, if they want yours.  It's called
>> "mutual reciprocity".  Otherwise, challenge them to "just write the
>> ticket" and walk away.  If you walk away, you aren't "fleeing" a
>> scene.  If they tackle you to the ground or tazer you when you aren't
>> fleeing (and no one else is being endangered), it's assault.
> 	so your government job is to lie to people and get them killed by the cops.
> Tell people  what they need to do in order to get imprisioned or murdered by
> your government. I wouldn't expect less from an American Christian like
> you.

If someone's being wrongly imprisoned (so-called "illegal" "aliens")
or murdered by the American government, then people need to file
charges against them.

>> Conspiracy theory:  who?  the Jewish mafia, the italian mafia, the
>> Irish mafia?  Who?  You think they get along enough to coordinate all
>> of their plots?
> 	The mafia I was referring to in my previous message is the criminal
> organization you call "USA government" - your employers.

Then, just call it "the System" -- it's been known for decades.

> 	Now you can go back to  sucking the cock of judge smith while judge jakobo
> goldberg rapes you in the ass. Have fun 'charging' them.

It is very easy to charge judges, except those of the Supreme Court --
get a higher-level executive to charge them.  If that's not available,
get a congressman/woman to charge them.  A county commissioner can
charge a lower-level judge with "case fraud", for example and pull the
lower-level judge into a county court for trial.