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Re: Forced Decrypt: US Judge Jails Defendant Six Months for Contempt re Phone Unlock

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 16:25:22 -0500
"\\0xDynamite" <dreamingforward AT gmail.com> wrote:

> If someone's being wrongly imprisoned (so-called "illegal" "aliens")
> or murdered by the American government, then people need to file
> charges against them.

	you mean, subhumans (that's how your govt sees non US tax cattle) will chalenge the nazis who are jailing them in the nazis courts? 


> >> Conspiracy theory:  who?  the Jewish mafia, the italian mafia, the
> >> Irish mafia?  Who?  You think they get along enough to coordinate all
> >> of their plots?
> >
> > 	The mafia I was referring to in my previous message is the criminal
> > organization you call "USA government" - your employers.
> Then, just call it "the System" -- it's been known for decades.

	it's your government, the more succesful and ruthless mafia that has outcompeted the other mafias. Also, that's the nature of (your) governments since the beginning of history. 

> > 	Now you can go back to  sucking the cock of judge smith while judge jakobo
> > goldberg rapes you in the ass. Have fun 'charging' them.
> It is very easy to charge judges, 

	no it is not, and even if you charge them with anything, it is pointless. Unless you want to end up in jail or dead. Is that your plan? 

> except those of the Supreme Court --
> get a higher-level executive to charge them.  If that's not available,
> get a congressman/woman to charge them.

	I think you would be exterminated as soon as you try to approach any 'congress'scumbag or 'congress'cunt.  Or alternatively you would be able to send them a fax, so they can use the your fax to wipe their ass. 

> A county commissioner can
> charge a lower-level judge with "case fraud", for example and pull the
> lower-level judge into a county court for trial.

	you mean a 'trial' in 'courts' of mock 'justice' of the people you are disagreeing with?