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Re: I feel very sad :(

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 11:26:04PM -0700, Mirimir wrote:
> So I just came across https://www.ssh.com/ssh/port on HN. And read:
> | On July 12, 1995, at 2:32am, I announced a final beta version to
> | my beta testers at Helsinki University of Technology. At 5:23pm I
> | announced ssh-1.0.0 packages to my beta testers. At 5:51pm on
> | July 12, 1995, I sent an announcement about SSH (Secure Shell) to
> | the cypherpunks AT toad.com mailing list. I also posted it to a few
> | newsgroups, mailing lists, and directly to selected people who
> | had discussed related topics on the Internet.
> The only list he mentions by name is this one!
> That's just fucking sad.

Well, it was a different time and a different list back then, wasnt it?
There was basically no www, or at least not by todays standards (mosaic
came out in 1993 I believe)... I was a wee fucker, connecting via dial
up and free bbs -> {gopher,archie,usenet} gateways... but mainly usenet
:P There were alt.binaries.* already in 1995, in addition to all the
different newsgroups that were comprised of actual discussion, not just
spam. I believe Linus announced the first release of Linux on one of the
minix newsgroups in like '91, which lead to the famous Tannenbaum <->
Torvalds flame war...  The good old days :P

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