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Re: Geek captcha

Cool!  Good move.

While I have often shared many ideas and improvements online and IRL, I would have been much better off had I shared every idea I had early and often.  I try to be much more parsimonious about the things that I save back.  At Collision 2018 in New Orleans recently, I made possibly valuable suggestions for improvements and new directions to several startup founders who were all very appreciative for things they hadn't thought of or been aware of.  Doesn't pay the bills, but it's fun.  My queue is always too long anyway.


On 7/16/18 1:54 PM, Steven Schear wrote:
I guess I was lucky I got credited, by mentioning online, early concepts for the Warrant Canary and (what became known as) The Street Performer Protocol before others.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018, 1:36 PM Stephen D. Williams <sdw AT lig.net> wrote:
Cool!  That's a good idea.  I may implement it and similar things soon.  Just for posterity, I independently invented CAPTCHA, I think a year before the CMU kids thought of it.  I even began filing a patent while at my startup in the late 1990's, but we ran out of money.  I should have continued, although the situation was murky.  Imagine my surprise a couple years later at the IJCAI AI conferences in Acapulco when the CMU team presented CAPTCHA at an extra presentation at the end of the conference.  I went on a lark because the point of the presentation wasn't clear until I was sitting in it.  Just one of the many things I've thought of / invented that I didn't capitalize on, or give away in a timely fashion.  Par for the course; many people will have similar ideas at similar points in time.


On 7/14/18 4:50 PM, Steven Schear wrote: