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Re: Earth: Growth Is Ending, You Fucked Yourselves, Haha

On 07/14/2018 12:30 PM, juan wrote:
>>> It's funny how fucktards like mirimir think they can escape from their own fucktard selves.
> mirinir:
>> Sure, but who's being the fucktard troll here?
> 	troll? My remark is flawless. You think that political problems can be 'solved' by running away. There isn't any trolling on my part, just basic political philosophy that you can't grasp. So, you are a fucktard. 

OK, maybe just poor reading comprehension, plus a tendency to fling shit
;) If you reread what I posted, in context -- and actually check out the
novels that I cited -- you'll see that I explicitly _did not_ argue
"that political problems can be 'solved' by running away". And in fact,
that the same political problems show up in virtualities. Worse, even.

_Accelerando_ and the "Flower Prince" trilogy both explore virtual
dystopias. _Accelerando_ is especially dark. There's lots of running
away in _Diaspora_, through multiple levels of reality, but in the end
it's painted as pointless. I admit that _The Last Trumpet Project_ does
feature hiding in virtuality, but eventually they come back to kill all
the assholes.

> ps: I wasnt expecting any answer from you. You should be ignoring me.

Thanks for the advice :)